Alarm systems

Having a solid and reliable alarm installation does not necessarily entail purchase of equipment with top parameters or the broadest range of functionalities. In many cases a device that performs its essential functions and can be operated intuitively is sufficient. Therefore, it is important that an alarm system match the client’s specific security needs and fit their wallet too; which has always been our approach.

In the case of traditional solutions, i.e. wired alarm systems, correct installation is of the essence. While most security firms rely on subcontractors for this purpose, we employ full-time installers and maintain an in-house technical assistance department. This provides us with full control over the alarm installation quality and guarantees consistent quality standard throughout the country. The entire technical documentation is archived with us and thus we have no problems even when repairing or modernising old systems in buildings that have changed hands several times.

For those who, for whatever reason, do not wish to invest in installation of wired systems, the Alarm Control wireless systems are the perfect solution. Their huge advantages include: a remote control capability; home automation functionalities; and three-times shorter installation times. A wireless system can be installed without upsetting any plasterwork, which makes for a painless installation in a finished and fully furnished house. Also, simplicity of the process is such that any user can complete it on their own. Home alarms of this type can be easily moved to another facility or flat. They are in no way inferior in quality or reliability to the wired systems. Every sensor has a wireless link with the alarm switchboard, which is why these detectors can be installed anywhere without having to lay any cabling. The wireless systems can be build out in stages, e.g. with the ground floor of the house or a completed part of an office building secured in the first phase, and further system expansion in step with the development project. You will find a detailed description of the Alarm Control system’s capabilities at

We are the only provider of security services in Poland to offer our clients online access to their alarm systems via the www.Juwentus24online platform.

Holders of the wired system can use the Juwentus CRM application to check the current status of their alarm (whether it is on or off) and to review the recorded history of events (the time the alarm went on; in which room; who armed/disarmed the system and when, etc.).

The clients using the Alarm Control wireless system have available to them a separate application, which allows them to keep tabs on the system and to freely remote manage it. They can remotely: turn on the alarm; block individual sensors; alter user codes; set text message and e-mail alerts, etc. Just like in the case of a wired system, the clients can log on to Juwentus CRM to check the status and operation of their system on their own.

For your safety and security, we develop the wired and the wireless systems using guaranteed quality equipment of reputable manufactures that is fully compliant with the Polish norms and standards, and the required certification in place.