Self video-surveillance

Camera Control is a multimedia platform designed for independent online preview and archive images from IP cameras. Having it installed, you can easily watch your home, apartment, baby room, garden, etc. from wherever you are. All you need is an IP camera and an active account on the Camera Control platform.

How does it work? In the indicated place you install the IP camera and connect it to an existing Internet connection. The camera is compact and has a very discreet appearance. From now on, after logging into the platform, you can view images from your camera/cameras through the website or by an application to the smartphone. The system is available 24/7. All registered images are stored on Juwentus servers, so the purchase of the local recorder is not needed. In your free time you can quickly trace the archival record of a defined date and time.

Examples of use:
• Remote monitoring of baby-sitter, housekeeper, gardener, etc.
• Control animals (pens)
• Observation of children (playgrounds)
• Monitoring workers during repairs

Camera Control Platform allows you:
• Observation of the current camera image online,
• Recording pictures from a camera in a continuous or motion-activated,
• Playing and exporting archival records,
• Receive notification of defined events,
• Remote control of the camera (Model BLC-210),
• Trigger input / output camera (controlling two selected devices connected to the camera),
• Remote to shoot,
• Add, edit and delete cameras.

Benefits of the Camera Control service:
1) Round the clock access to the cameras from anywhere using a PC and mobile applications.
2) Storage of archives in the "cloud" - there is no risk of data loss due to suspension or theft of your DVR.
3) No costs of purchase and preservation of local recorder.
4) Quick installation with no router configuration - plug and play camera.

In order to conveniently use the capabilities you need Camera Control Center (sending data min. 256 KB / sec transfer about 20 GB / month), a computer with the latest version of Java and / or mobile phone with Android or iOS and Internet access.

Our dedicated smartphone applications allow you to control the camera lens (BLC-210), take pictures and play back archival recordings. Just install the application (see below), log in to your existing account Camera Control and select the desired camera from the "My Camera".

Mobile applications are available for download in the App Store (IOS) and Google Play. Get your application:
First For phones and tablet PCs Apple use a dedicated application
Second For phones and tablets Android use the dedicated application