Car security

GPS monitoring is a perfect solution for all those who wish to actively protect their car against theft. Under our vehicle monitoring service, among other things: the driver call for help when under safety threat or duress; the car alarm installed in the vehicle can transmit a burglary signal; the installed alarm will go off the moment the car is tilted while parked (at theft related loading on a platform trailer or theft of car wheels).

Having received the alarm signal, our operator will always contact the car owner to verify the received alarm signal. If the owner confirms that the vehicle has been stolen, we immediately track the car and intervene with the aim of recovering it. We use our own motorized crews. Concurrently, we report the theft to the police and join forces with them in recovering the vehicle.

We are one of the few companies in Poland to combine on-site security with vehicle protection. Owing to this, we are more efficient. Our longstanding experience combined with intervention capability of 140 crews placed throughout the Poland facilitates rapid tracking and recovery of stolen cars. Many insurance companies provide their comprehensive car insurance at a discount on the basis of our GPS monitoring contract. 

We provide device drivers and modems on lease basis to those choosing our vehicle monitoring services. We ensure quick device installation by our full-time installers; rather than subcontractors.

For this purpose, you can leave your car at our garage or call our installer to a parking location of your choice. You can thus save much time and money; something that has been appreciated by many of our clients. 

We also equip you free-of-charge with modern software for direct observation of your vehicle(s) and to easy generation of various analytical reports.

Operators of our Monitoring Centre monitor relevant transmitter signals and handle car alert responses round the clock, which is why in every event of theft we respond immediately.