Home monitoring and patrolling

The Juwentus monitoring centre works around the clock and is one of the best equipped facilities of its kind in Europe. Owing to our unique transmitters, we monitor each and every alarm control panel signal, unlike most other sector players who charge the same, but provide a simple alarm notification service they market as monitoring. Our clients can protect their homes and families against: 

  • Burglary (we receive alert signals from intruder detectors, such as movement detectors, open window and/or door detectors: contractrons or air curtains);
  • Robbery (we respond to calls for help generated from robbery buttons used in the event of a robbery and by seniors or the infirm who are home alone and feeling queasy or unwell);
  • Fire (we respond to alarm signals from installed smoke and/or temperature detectors);
  • Explosion of leaking gas (alarm signals from gas leak detectors installed in kitchens or boiler rooms);
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning (alarm signals from carbon monoxide detectors);
  • Flooding (alarm signals from water leakage alarm sensors installed in bathrooms);
  • Septic tank overflow (sensors signalling when effluent disposal services need to be ordered; an installation that does away with the need for direct tank checks);
  • Excessive temperature increase or decrease in a monitored room (e.g. a temperature change in a walk-in cooler caused by equipment failure);
  • Losses resulting from extended power outages (switched off pumps, thawing in refrigerators, etc.) – we will notify you of any outage.

You can also agree with us a non-standard response procedure to any of the above. As an example, at reception of a burglary alarm you can choose to have us: dispatch our intervention crew; call the fire brigade; call the emergency ambulance service, etc. In every case we will naturally also notify the person you designate.

We have 140 intervention crews. Each of them is correctly tasked with the right sized geographical area and number of facilities they monitor, which ensures the intervention crews’ excellent knowledge of their area and rapid approach to the locations indicated on ad hoc basis. Routes of all our patroll cars are tracked 24/7 via JuwentusGPS vehicle monitoring which improves the quality of performance of the crews.

Our intervention crews receive alarm signals direct to the patrol car terminal and rush to help immediately. Meanwhile, the operator provides the patrol crew with more detailed information (on which detector was activated, in which room, etc.), thus increasing efficiency of their intervention.


It is worth emphasizing that other security firms tend to economize by not equipping their vehicles with such terminals and by overloaded their intervention crews with excessive number of buildings/facilities to be served. When at peak alarms go off in several houses at the same time such crews stands no chance of getting everywhere on time. Their operators then call the customers to verify the alarms, in the hopes of hearing that some of them will prove false, and they dispatch the crews only to chosen customers afterwards. In actual fact, such security protection is an illusion: as interventions come late or fail to happen altogether. This is why it makes sense to ask about such details before choosing your security firm!