General information

We hold a position of leadership among security agencies in Poland and serve over 50 thousands clients around the country. The company was incorporated in 1991. Presently it is a capital group of entities, each holding a separate concession of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration and specialising in a specific domain of property protection. The combined capacity of that group guarantees our clients comprehensive service.

Our resources encompass, among others: the most state-of-the-art equipped and organised monitoring centre in Europe;, a multifunction internet platform for our clients; our in-house Research Team for Technological Development; and 140 rapid intervention crews.

Investment in modern infrastructure and launches of new products and services have been the drivers of our dynamic growth. In 2011 the group's revenues surpassed PLN198 million.

We are a responsible and financially reliable company, unlike those which disappear from the market or file for bankruptcy in the event of a loss caused by negligence in service delivery. We hold a third-party insurance against tort liability and contract breach of up to PLN8 million as well as individual third-party liability policies for all our security guards of up to PLN100 thousand.

The financial liability we guarantee in our contracts is real. We regularly publish our financial accounts. We are holders of the Business Reliability Certificate confirming our financial stability and payment ethics. We are also a holder of the Transparent Company title.

We have structures specialized in serving large contract accounts as well as units responsible for smaller orders. In every case we are able to organise our security services in such a way as to ensure that the security costs are commensurate with the existing security threats and the client's financial capacity.

We are active members of our industry and supra-industry employers’ organizations, such as: the “Security” – Polish Employers’ Association; the „Polalarm” National Association of Alarm Systems Manufacturers, Designers and Installers; the Polish Chamber of Personal and Property Protection; and Business Center Club.