Alarm systems

An alarm system must be correctly selected and its operating features outstanding (clear and simple to follow), and fully functional. A larger manufacturing facility calls for a specific set of sensors, different from those needed in an unheated warehouse, or in office space.

Alarm sensor application is also very important as we decide on their placement in a manufacturing plant, an office building or a retail store. As an example, we need to consider: whether or not to place a gas leak detector in a boiler room; or where to locate keyboards needed for operation of the system (to ensure employees have good access to them); or where wireless alarms are best used; or it is worthwhile to protect given shop windows with break sensors or infrared barriers; or whether a cold store needs temperature monitoring.

Our representatives will provide competent discussion of the advantages and limitations of the available devices as reflected in price differences, which enables you to make an informed choice about the solution most advantageous for you.

At connection of the system to the Juwentus monitoring network, you are assured of our crew’s response in every situation calling for immediate intervention (e.g. burglary or robbery alarm signal; or a gas leak or water leakage detector alarm signal).

We assemble all of our alarm systems exclusively from high quality equipment of proven and reputable manufacturers, so that the alarms can meet all the requirements in terms of their safety class, certification and standards. One of our strengths in this respect is our longstanding experience and expertise and short implementation cycles. Each month we install 500 plus Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS).

With the unique transmitters we choose and correctly program, we are able to receive and monitor all kinds of signals transmitted by alarm control panels. This offers vase possibilities and significantly increases quality of monitoring and thus effectiveness of  security. Having logged in to Juwentus CRM at any time or place,  our clients can check the current status of the alarm system installed in their firm (armed or disarmed; discharged alarms) and review the history of events going back one month (e.g. precise time the system was armed on a selected day; history of discharged alarms by respective subsystems).

Installation of alarms is another important step in the process. When deciding on installation of an alarm system, it is good to be assured that the system will be installed by persons with adequate experience and qualification certificates. Most security firms rely on subcontractors for this purpose, whereas we employ full-time installers and maintain a technical service department. This provides us with full control over the alarm installation quality and guarantees consistent quality standard throughout the country. 

Our installers have appropriate experience and expertise, are systematically provided with additional training and install all the systems in compliance with strictly defined standards. This is of practical value to our clients.If after a few years there is a need for maintenance or repair work on a system or for its further buildout, there will not be any problems with identification of its configuration; the manner in which its respective devices are connected; or the method used in programming of its alarm control panels. Additionally, outside office hours, our service crews are on duty 24 hours a day. Those who have experienced a sleepless night because of an alarm system defect causing its activation every few minutes or those who had a broken system they could not use for a number of days will surely appreciate a bona fide support service!

Reliability of an alarm system installation is a factor of major impact of its subsequent operation. Unsupervised installers — motivated by the desire to achieve a higher margin or to attract a client with a lower price — will install devices in ways that are inconsistent with applicable standards, e.g. by connecting more than one detector to a single line. This approach surely reduces costs of both materials and labor, and will be jest imperceptible to the client, but it will significantly reduce security class of a system. This why we advise that you always ask installers of you alarm systems about the equipment make and certificates, and about their methods of installation and subsequent service, as that is how you can be well on the way of having your office or company grounds properly and successfully secured and safe.