Site security

Just “the security guards” is the bare-bones standard rate proposition you are likely to get from most security agencies; and there is no assurance if the guards will fall asleep or stay awake. At a comparable price we guarantee important technical equipment and a security team composed of:

  • security guards providing physical security presence and equipped in Active Guard devices;
  • monitoring centre operators, who monitor security guards’ activities on round-the-clock basis;
  • intervention crews, which respond to calls for assistance from the on-site security guards; and
  • co-ordinators, who oversee guard duty and the guard training process, and who act as the responsible account relationship managers.
We are the only security firm in Poland that enables its clients’ independent oversight of our work by means of on-line access to Active Guard system, which we install in every facility we protect. How does that work?

First, the clients points out to us the routes our security guards need to take in the course of their rounds and the places requiring particular attention. We, in turn, provide feedback on the potential threats and weak points we notice in a given facility, and what to pay attention to in order to provide solid protection of the property against burglary. By that process we jointly establish the frequency and routes of the rounds.

We then deploy special electronic checkpoints (or tags) along the routes and assign relevant names to them (e.g. Gate,  Fence). Our security guards are equipped in Active Guard readers, which when brought into proximity of a tag communicate on line with our monitoring system to dispatch a tag reading information to the operator. Each checkpoint is then being assigned times by which the duty guard must register their presence at.

From that time on our operator proceeds to locate security guards based on their tag readings around-the-clock. The Active Guard system’s software will automatically activate an alarm whenever a guard fails to appear in a pre-assigned place at a pre-programmed time. The operator verifies each and every alarm; he can contact the security guards via a built-in GSM telephone and receive information, issue new orders to them or move to the listening mode in order to assess the situation, e.g. should the guard activate the assault-in-progress button. If the threat proves real, the operator immediately dispatches our nearest available intervention crew with assistance instructions. Naturally, our security guards can also call directly for intervention crew support or report their need for contacting the operator.


Additionally, we monitor activities of our intervention crews and security coordinators, who all have their pre-assigned mobile tag reading points. They need to register at those every time they enter or exit a protected facility site. In this way we have a complete picture of every facility guarding and servicing process.

What is important is that we make all of that information available to our clients, who can thus check on our work by logging into our platform, where they can see exactly the same that our operator sees. The clients can check at any time such things as: whether all routes assigned for a given day, week or month had been performed in a timely fashion; what signals from the alarm system  installed e.g. in a warehouse were dispatched to our monitoring centre and at what time. In that way, by knowing the time at which the intervention crew reached the place, they can easily verify our total response time. Moreover, our clients have access to all other information, such as payments, scale of the security work, coordinators’ data, etc.


In every case provision of security services and proper document flow are compliant with the ISO standards implemented in our physical security division. For each facility we prepare specific security instruction (plan), which define in detail the scope of a security guard’s duties and the applicable procedures. Every security guard holds a personal physical liability insurance up an amount of PLN 100,000. We also take financial responsibility for the property we protect, in other words, should damage or loss occur, we undertake to incur the financial consequences. The tort and contractual liability insurance we hold covers losses of up to an amount of PLN 8 million.

We provide on-site physical security protection to all types of facilities, small and large: retail and office use complexes; industrial plants; warehousing complexes; construction sites; logistics centres; housing estates; retail trade and service points. We also undertake atypical security projects. For a number of years now we have been protecting a few thousands bus shelters throughout Poland against vandalism and keeping them free from illegal advertisements. We have protected film and television production sets (among others, the open-air shootings in Juliusz Machulski’s “Vinci”; the “Szpilki na Giewoncie” television series; or “Sanktuarium” by Studio Wajdy), and ensured the safety of passengers on specific Intercity train connections.