Site surveillance and patrolling

The Juwentus monitoring centre is one the largest and best equipped of its kind in Europe. The monitoring we stand to offer, including its outstanding scope, significantly exceeds the standards the rest of the industry maintains.

We provide round-the-clock surveillance of the signals proceeding from each and every sensor connected to an alarm control panel in every office, warehouse, retail store and every other facility  Juwentus monitors for its clients. Additionally, our clients can monitor their system independently (at log in with our CRM) via the internet. The information they are able to glean that way increase further our service quality. This makes for huge comfort in use, particularly when there is need for verification of the cause of an alarm activated outside the firm’s working hours.


We have 140 intervention crews. Each of them is correctly tasked with the right sized geographical area and number of facilities they monitor, which ensures the intervention crews’ excellent knowledge of their area and rapid approach to the locations indicated on ad hoc basis.

Our crews perform more than 50,000 interventions a month and cover a total of over 750,000 km. We monitor all the patrol cars on line via our Juwentus GPS system, which permits us not only to verify how and where the patrol is moving, but also to control performance of the crews themselves. The standard time in which a intervention crew needs to its destination is maximum of 15 minutes from the moment the alarm signal reaches them during daytime, and cannot exceed five minutes at night.

You can obtain more information about the site surveillance and monitoring capabilities of  Juwentus by contacting consultants of our client Service Office.