GPS vehicle tracking and tracing

Juwentus GPS is an advanced business solution to support decision-making processes within the company. A key element of the system is multi-functional online platform for fleet management. We made sure that GPS drivers installed in vehicles had an optimum value for money. In this way we have created an extremely competitive service in the Polish market, which most fully meets the expectations of customers both in terms of functionality and cost.

Our customers can choose from two types of GPS drivers, all of which are available for purchase or lease.

Juwentus MINI is a reliable and economical device, ideal for monitoring all the major parameters of localized vehicles. Juwentus CAN applies where there is a need for a more detailed analysis and evaluation of a large number of operating parameters, and it is one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in Europe.

Our drivers are suitable for remote configuration, has an internal memory which preserves the data from the period around 30 days and allow the batteries to maintain power for 24 hours. Among the additional facilities we offer communicators for direct commands to the drivers and reboot interlocking systems of the vehicle.

We guarantee reliable service installation and service throughout the country. We employ experienced installers in Poland operate according to uniform standards. Depending on your preference, we install the drivers in our own workshops or onsite. The whole is always coordinated by one caregiver contract that can assist you at every stage.

Support consultants provide our telephone customer service, Juwentus Monitoring Centre operates 24 hours a day, and in case of theft of the vehicle we have our own network of one hundred and forty crew intervention.

The key competitive functional differentiators of the Juwentus Mobi software application include:
  • Open communication protocols – any GPS driver can be integrated into the application; provided it meets specific conditions (min. 100 devices plus sharing of the devices’ communication protocols);
  • Easy access through the website – the client need not install any comprehensive fleet management software on their PC; Internet access is all that is required. The application is supported by the most popular web browsers (Google Chrome, Opera, FireFox, Internet Explorer);
  • Google Maps – the client has a complete Google Maps functionality at their disposal. Detailed maps accessible both in Poland and abroad plus add-ins such as Traffic (traffic intensity), Show Street View (actual street photos);
  • Other maps available – in addition to Google Maps, the client can also choose OMC, Map Quest or Mapnik maps.
  • Possibility of linking the photograph of a driver with that of a vehicle – employees cease to be anonymous; at occurrence of an event, e.g. entry into a restricted zone or speeding, the system automatically displays the time, the place and photos of the vehicle and its driver involved the event; provided the user previously linked the relevant data;
  • Two-way communication with the driver – equipped with a special controller and a communicator device, the operator can send instructions to the vehicle driver (e.g. go to..., go to the depot, reduce speed), and the driver can respond and confirm the instructions issued;
  • Vehicle management facilitation – the application will alert of an upcoming vehicle check-up and facilitate dispatch of a relevant message to the driver;
  • At installation of a Google Earth plug-in, the application will generate 3D visualisations of the routes covered by the vehicle;
  • With appropriate controllers, the operator can check: whether the vehicle driver’s seat belt is fastened; what the axle load is (in trucks); whether the lights are on; the motor oil level, etc. The presented information is consistent with the indications sent by the on-board computer. The range of available data can differ by vehicle make and model;
  • The extensive reporting system is user-friendly and intuitive;
  • Graphic form presentation of events and vehicle status on on-line basis – icons displayed in the tab facilitate viewing and assessment of the object’s condition, without generating unnecessary reports; and
  • The application is capable of working on several objects at the same time, e.g. the user can view a vehicle on line while analysing the history of another vehicle in a separate window.
  • Ability to work in multiple windows simultaneously online,
  • No need to export data to conduct a full analysis online
  • A practical HELP online module directly in the application,
  • Control of driving style, to promote efficient driving,
  • Full information on the vehicle (door opening, belt buckle, loading space opening),
  • Professional analysis of trucks (axle load, accelerator, clutch)
  • Current information about the state of roads in Poland, the weather in major Polish cities, information about road obstructions and accidents