CCTV cameras

For purposes of providing video security to various kinds of facilities we offer our clients closed-circuit television (CCTV) system solutions.

Installations of this type equipped with digital recording systems upgrade security levels and open up new possibilities for monitoring of the firm’s facilities. The video feed from a camera installed, say, at the entry gate or the main lobby of a building facilities control of movement of persons. We can know who entered the building; at what time; which entrance they used; how they looked; and what they brought in with them. 

In large industrial plants, office buildings and housing estates we mainly install complex CCTV systems. In smaller firms, retail trade and service points we ever more frequently install CCTV cameras as features complementing IDS alarms.

We equip the CCTV systems as needed, with: digital recorders; moving object (automatic) tracking systems, virtual fences; movement detection, etc.