Business Security
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business security
Self video-surveillance
The classic video surveillance system based on CCTV is most often uded by large companies with an adequate budget. In the case of self-service video preview - Camera Control, client who wants to be able to follow events in the facility, no longer needs to invest in expensive recorders, disk arrays, or CCTV cameras. Just buy our IP camera together with access to a network application which allows you to view and record events, connect it to power and the Internet, log on webpage and start viewing images from cameras mounted.

Some practical applications of Camera Control services include:
• Verification of the numbers of customers and quality of customer service
• Control of opening / closing times
• Supervision of cashier
• Verification of supply

Remote video surveillance Camera Control service is recommended to both current users of CCTV systems, as well as customers who are just considering the use of them. It is the perfect solution for small retail outlets and restaurants, offices, service establishments and other facilities where it is sufficient to mount up to four cameras. Compared to a traditional CCTV system costs are much lower (the customer invests only in the camera). Camera Control service is characterized by high flexibility of installation (the use of existing network or a WiFi network) and use of the many built-in functions (motion detectors, sound track, the local flash memory).

• Access to video and audio of live cameras from anywhere at any time via a web browser
• Access to video and audio of live cameras from anywhere at any time by mobile phone with Internet access
• No additional plug-ins and installation of software on both the computer and the cell
• Simultaneous multi-camera
• Simultaneous live pictures from many different objects
• Recording of incidents (such as motion detection, audio detection, PIR)
• Record the situation before and after the alarm

• Archive data center with the highest standards of safety
• Instant access to images for 24/7
• The unique format of the data with no access for unauthorized persons
• Recording of images in real time across multiple disks to protect against data loss
• All web servers, applications and data are duplicated in order to avoid an accident
• Instant information on the lack of communication with the camera (recording hiatus)

Panasonic BL-C210 is a dedicated device for Camera Control system. With a wide viewing angle and digital PTZ, the camera can monitor a large area. The device has a three-fold digital zoom. Built-in microphone listens to what is happening around, giving a fuller picture of the situation in the monitored area. Privacy Button allows you to temporarily disable video transmission, and two inputs for external sensors and devices allow the camera to warn of the dangers invisible on the image, such as gas or water leak, the door opening or the presence of smoke or carbon monoxidein the air.
Mobile phones tracing

Juwentus MOBI, the unique system for mobile phones monitoring, is the perfect tool to manage groups of mobile workers (sales representatives, service technicians, leaflets marketers, fee collectors, postmen, etc.) that can coordinate activities in the field and leads to a growth in performance.

  • Useful application allows you to see on the map current location, speed and direction of movement of employees equipped with mobile phones,
  • By accurately planning activities (working hours, the area of operation, etc.) and determining the shortest route to the destination, it helps to increase the number of visits to customers and optimizes the duration of business meetings, which leads to a significant increase of performance of mobile workers,
  • Easy searching of the routes or defined POI locations visualized on modern maps is helpful and speeds up reaching the goal,
  • Time spent on tasks in the field is reduced on average by 20%,
  • The ability to send notifications directly from applications unables very quick respond in the event of irregularities (e.g. alarm of leaving by an employee of the designated area of action in the field),
  • Personnel performing one-man operation in the field have an increased sense of security and comfort,
  • The application generates many useful reports and statements, which are an excellent motivational tool because they allow you to compare and analyze the way the work of individual employees, groups or teams
  • No need to buy any additional equipment, the application is installed directly on the phone,
  • Return on investment only after a month of use!
Site security

Just “the security guards” is the bare-bones standard rate proposition you are likely to get from most security agencies; and there is no assurance if the guards will fall asleep or stay awake. At a comparable price we guarantee important technical equipment and a security team composed of:

  • security guards providing physical security presence and equipped in Active Guard devices;
  • monitoring centre operators, who monitor security guards’ activities on round-the-clock basis;
  • intervention crews, which respond to calls for assistance from the on-site security guards; and
  • co-ordinators, who oversee guard duty and the guard training process, and who act as the responsible account relationship managers.
We are the only security firm in Poland that enables its clients’ independent oversight of our work by means of on-line access to Active Guard system, which we install in every facility we protect. How does that work?
Remote video surveillance

We recommend the remote video surveillance service to clients who find on-site physical security insufficient for their need and those who wish to improve a facility’s security standard without security guard presence. Video surveillance involves reception, registration and response to signals originating from local CCTV systems. We can provide the service in either the Video Verification or the Virtual Patrol mode.

Protection of mass events

Protection of various types of events is another specialised service our clients benefit from. We provide security protection of large scale concerts, sports events, trade fairs, exhibitions, outdoor and other events, with security protection requirement under the Law on Safety at Mass Events.

Alarm systems

An alarm system must be correctly selected and its operating features outstanding (clear and simple to follow), and fully functional. A larger manufacturing facility calls for a specific set of sensors, different from those needed in an unheated warehouse, or in office space.

Access control systems

Access control systems are useful solutions addressed to large and medium-sized companies, manufacturers, warehouses as well as office complexes. They enable control of movement of workers and staff, and limit access to individual rooms.

CCTV cameras

For purposes of providing video security to various kinds of facilities we offer our clients closed-circuit television (CCTV) system solutions.

Site surveillance and patrolling

The Juwentus monitoring centre is one the largest and best equipped of its kind in Europe. The monitoring we stand to offer, including its outstanding scope, significantly exceeds the standards the rest of the industry maintains.

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