Operational Security Audit

Department of Business Security offer two types of services :
  •    Operational Security Audit
  •    Business Security
During the Operational Audit we comprehensively analyze the functioning of the company in the context of risk assessment, in order to individually define the key performance indicators for safety. The immediate objective of the audit is to examine those business sectors that have a direct and indirect impact on the operational mechanisms and financial losses.

The screening process is always individual, tailored to the specific organization . Therefore, after a preliminary analysis, we prepare the first proposal how we recommend to conduct an audit, and then proceed to discuss the details directly with the client, establishing jointly the final areas of activity.

Operational Audit is a system utility. The basic methods of our work are observation, interviews and document analysis. In this way, we obtain the answer to the question of what factors are the couse of unsatisfactory safety of the facility or the process. On the basis of such conclussions, we provide a comprehensive written REPORT containing documentation confirming the observations together with specific and detailed recommendations for the client, in line with the business objectives of the organization and the applicable safety standards.

Thus, Operational Audit is a tool that has a measurable impact on the shape of the company security policy. Its implementation allow to eliminate or significantly reduce the financial losses incurred .

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