Department of Business Security

Department of Business Security operates in the Juwentus company structure since November 2012. Our services are not to be confused with a frequently offered so-called  "Security Audit ". Our methodology, scope and the way of implementation constitutes a unique niche in the security industry.

We effectively help to minimize the level of losses or lost profits in the enterprise. Getting to know and analyze the needs of the organization, we assess the state of the security of its facilities, property and processes. As a result, we disclose resources unused or improperly used, and present a comprehensive proposal of solutions to improve safety and increase efficiency .

Our specialists have many years of experience gained at both security managers positions  in corporations , as well as in market activity and so they are familiar with "both sides of the coin". Head of Department is the only Polish member of the security industry, who has official recommendations from UEFA EURO 2012 in the field of Safety & Security .

We solve a variety of problems: associated with unreliable contractors, dishonest employees, theft, storage deficits , fraud and other logistical activities affecting the detriment of the company . Any such situation requires reliable, objective and individual analysis . The sooner corrective action will be taken, the faster and more spectacular result can be expected.

Some of our customers have not yet encountered a crisis, but still are aware of the benefits of the implementation of security policy and the "sealing" of the company . This approach guarantees the long-term preventive effect under the old truth that "the better (and cheaper) to prevent than cure ". Often easy to implement and do not necessarily expensive solutions enable businesses to increase profitability at a level that can surprise the most conscious managers.

Department of Business Security offer two types of services
• Operational Security Audit
• Business Security
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